Size (in metric):

Diameter Height Range Capacity Range
280mm 305mm 15 litres
280mm 381mm 20 litres
280mm 432mm 22.7 litres
280mm 483mm 25 litres


CR4 grade cold reduced mild steel in various thicknesses.


Raised top with interrupted chimb for full drain off.  Top and bottom double seamed and solutioned, electrically welded side deam.


59mm Screw neck 19mm BSP
78mm Screw neck 51mm BSP


Strap handle.


Interior Plain, varnished or lacquered.
Exterior Painted and oven cured
Screen printed or lithographed.

Small Drums (below 70 litres) - Interrupted Chimb Drums

The interrupted chimb drum (IC) is a tight head drum with a specially designed self-draining top to prevent the accumulation of liquids.  It is frequently used for liquids, fertilisers, edible oils and chemicals.  Some specifications are certified to meeting UN Group II requirements.

The design of the top of the drum also means they can be interstacked.

Our IC drums are available in a range of capacities from 15 to 25 litres and can be supplied with a wide choice of head fittings.

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