Size (in metric):

Diameter Height Range Capacity Range
406mm 406mm - 762mm  50 - 95 litres
457mm 457mm - 914mm 72 - 145 litres
464mm 475mm - 914mm 75 - 148 litres
498mm 475mm - 914mm 86 - 173 litres
571mm 813mm - 940mm 180 - 225 litres


CR4 grade cold reduced mild steel in various thicknesses.


Electrically welded side seam, with ends double or triple seamed and solutioned.  Pressed out rolling hoops in body (W section hoops available).

Head Fittings:

51mm and 19mm BSP Closures

Body Fittings:

51mm BSP closures


Interior Plain, varnished or powder lacquered
Exterior Painted and oven cured
Screen printed if required

Large & Intermediate Drums (above 70 litres) - Tight head drums

The tight head drum is a convenient container for transporting liquids.

We manufacture them to British Standards and meet the performance requirements of UN Groups I, II or III.

The standard size is 210 litres (often referred to as barrels), but we can supply large tight head drums of different capacities ranging from 180 to 225 litres.

We also manufacture intermediate size tight head drums in a range of diameters and heights that provide a capacity of 50 to 173 litres.  These are also available with reduced bottoms that make interstacking possible.

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