Size (in metric):

Diameter Height Range Capacity Range
16" 16"-30" 11 - 21 gall
18" 18"-36" 16 - 32 gall
181/4" 18"-36" 16.5 - 32.5 gall
195/8" 18"-36" 19 - 38 gall
221/2" 32"-37" 40 - 50 gall


CR4 grade cold reduced mild steel in various thicknesses.


Tight head or open top. Electrically welded side seam, with ends/bottom double or triple seamed and solutioned. Pressed out rolling hoops in body (W section hoops available). Open tops have a head formed to take a sealing gasket to fit the body curl.

Head Fittings / Apertures:

2" and ¾" BSP Closures

Closure (Open Tops):

Galvanised ring with either interal or external quick release lever, two prong latch fastener or screw closure with nut and bolt.


Interior Powder lacquered.
Exterior Painted and oven cured
Screen printed if required.

Large & Intermediate Drums (above 70 litres) - Powder Lacquered Drums

The powder lacquer plant installed at Metal Drum was the first in the UK and only the second in Europe.

Powder lacquers are solvent free which eliminates the problem of VOC emissions, this is very important for both drum manufacturers and end users in light of current and ever increasing environmental standards. 

Further to its environmental benefits, powder lacquer is also very durable and has an excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents as well as mineral acids.

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